Beyond Learning

Beyond Learning – improving the education, social skills, and mental health of children and adults with or without educational needs.

Our courses and workshops along with one to one sessions, support those who are struggling, and those not in education.  Beyond Learning, provides Maths and English support (both GCSE and functional skills), employability skills, social & life skills. Supporting children and adults to get back into or stay in education or employment.

Linking into Beyond Blue’s Counselling Services, we offer a safe place for young people and adults to build relationships, provide psychotherapy and counselling, peer mentor groups and workshops adapted to students needs.

Our tutors have school-based experience as learning support assistants.  Working predominately with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) students aged 11-16.  Working very closely with students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHS), and Dyslexia.  Providing cognition, learning needs, social, emotional and mental health needs.

These tutors have been hand-picked, they go above and beyond the classroom.  They understanding that SEND students need support outside of the classroom too.  In addition to SEND our tutors work alongside students who suffer with anxiety and depression, bereavement and relationships.

As well as educational interventions our tutors deliver Personal Social Health & Economic Education (PHSE), travel training and life skills, social use of language, emotional regulation, conflict management, emotional literacy, and anger management.  They have experience working with resources for Autism and private tutoring both for young people and adults with and without additional needs.

Beyond Blue provides online, face to face, group work Enlish and Maths tutoring for children and adults who are out of education or in care.

They have a real passion for working with children with additional needs and have developed skills and qualitities needed to engage and develop relationships with young people, helping them achieve their full potential.  To contribute to the skills and qualities developed, our tutors attend regular training and study particular qualifications to further improve their work and knowledge in this area.

“When attending the activities, before they started I was given multiple options to pick from to do that day which I believed best suited me. I picked which one benefited me the most depending on what I wanted to work on that day, whether it being my confidence or my communication, which made me feel listened to or respected”.

Youth beneficiary

“I have given feedback when I have felt uncomfortable and overwhelmed, and I will go to Lydia and talk to her privately and she will sort my problems out in the best way possible that will support me. For example, in one of my sessions, the group was overwhelming me with the noise, so I spoke to Lydia, and she removed me from that activity and gave me a more comfortable space where I felt happy”.

Youth beneficiary

“Lydia allows me to help design and plan activities for the group, that I believe the rest of my group will enjoy. After I have planned an activity Lydia ensures I have included everyone in the group”.

Youth beneficiary

“I think these activities will benefit people in my area as these groups give people who don’t believe they have a voice a voice that is loud and can be heard. The opportunities it gives you without having to feel like you’re being judged makes the experience even more enjoyable. I believe this organisation paves a road to success for young people and provides them with information that helps with day to day living out in the big wide world”.

Youth beneficiary


Reading and Writing Support

Statistics taken from DFE local area SEND report for Sandwell.