The Aman Good Neighbour Scheme

Volunteers from the Aman Group befriend women who receive little or no communication outside the home, who may be ill or housebound in some way.

This befriending scheme has developed through the Aman Group and is co-ordinated and run entirely by volunteers and our beneficiaries.

There are many women volunteering to provide peer support to other women in the community. Our aim is give this work a greater level of recognition and to encourage our volunteers to value the skills they provide and offer.

The Aman Good Neighbour Scheme offers free support and friendship to older people within the communities of Sandwell. Our volunteers are happy to visit anyone who needs help, but priority is given to those who are over 65, live alone or vulnerable in some way.  If you would enjoy some friendly company, or need a little help, please give us a call: 0121 269 5990.

Our volunteers are simply kind-hearted local people who lend a helping hand.  Enabling our members to enjoy a better quality of life.  Helping create an environment where people feel safe and secure because they have a genuine connection with one another. Interested in helping or would like a befriender to visit?  Give us a call: 0121 269 5990.