Beyond Blue acoustic counselling rooms

Beyond Blue acoustic counselling rooms

Beyond Blue opens its doors at a new shop in Wednesbury

Thanks to the SEBF boost funding, Awards 4 All, and the Clothworkers Foundation, Beyond Blue finally got the glass acoustic doors installed. Our clients can now visit us face to face, in comfort, at our shop on Spring Head, Wednesbury.  The shop has been converted to offer state of the art acoustic Counselling rooms. Where clients can talk in private, in a professional environment.  To book a therapy session or to rent one of our rooms please contact us on 0121 269 5990


Wednesbury Levelling-Up Partnership Board  

Directors of Breakthru become members of the Wednesbury Levelling-Up Board.  The board brings together a range of partners including elected members, MP’s, public sector organisations, representatives of the business and voluntary community and young people.


Beyond Learning delivers AEP in Walsall 

Breakthru’s Beyond Learning has recently won a Walsall council tender to provide Alternative Education Provision in the borough.


Single Session Therapy+

Help at point of need.  Beyond Blue provide single session therapy, offering walk-in or same week appointments.  Working with clients on what they want to work on in that moment.  Single Session Therapy+ is £60 for a 30 to 75 minutes counselling.  Using the Windy Dryden. Ph.D CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) method.


Breakthru’s 2023 Annual Report

Breakthru Annual Report 2023


Breakthru’s social value/impact report

Breakthru’s Services Social Impact Report


Breakthru’s  expands services into Darlaston & Moxley (Walsall)

Thanks to support from local MP’s Breakthru will be expanding its services to Moxley Peoples Centre and Darlaston’s George Rose Park House.


Reading, spelling and phonics intervention

Beyond Learning offers a specialised reading, spelling and phonics intervention 1 to 1 or in a group.  This will be carried out using an effective multi sensory teaching approach with a SEND specialist tutor.

Students can be: nursery, primary, secondary, or adults.

Each student will receive: tailored assessments, specific targets set, bespoke learning programme and assessments to monitor and track progress.

Every Thursday at 4:30pm for 50 minutes.

1 to 1 cost £35 a session.  Group session cost £15 a session per child (max 5 children).


Sandwell Wider Determinants of Health (WDH)

Breakthru is excited to be part of the Sandwell WDH along with 17 voluntary sector partners.  Each of which will be supporting Sandwell residents to address issues affecting their mental health, wellbeing and reduce health inequalities. For more information visit:


Breakthru staff become Cancer Champions 

Thanks to the NHS, staff are now trained in cancer awareness.  Which means that staff are able to offer support to our members and clients around cancer.

Cancer champions are drawn from local people who use their experience, knowledge and passion to support friends, family and colleagues to seek help early if they suspect they have symptoms of developing cancer. A cancer champion raises people’s awareness about cancer, by engaging people in conversation.


(NHS) Cancer Awareness Sessions

Wednesbury Aman Group receives Cancer Awareness Sessions, thanks to the NHS.  These informative sessions was on of the first being delivered to our 5 Aman Groups across Sandwell.  The sessions helped our members to identify early warning signs of Breast Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer and understood the importance of doing regular checks and how to do them.


Mental Health First Aiders

We are pleased to announce that staff at Breakthru have recently completed the MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) 2 day course.


Free Entry Level 1 ESOL Course

Beyond Blue is delivering a Free ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)course at the shop in Wednesbury. Every Tuesday for Sandwell residents aged 18+.  Starting 13th February till 18th July 10:30am till 1:30pm.


BACP Organisational Membership

We have pleasure in confirming that your application has been accepted.

As a member of the BACP Breakthru adhere’s to the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists code of ethics for professional counsellors.


Loss Matters

A matter of loss, change and transition.  Breakthru offers workshops around: coming to terms with loss, understanding the grieving proces and living mindfully.


Grieving the loss of a child

Coping and moving forward.

Coping with the loss of a child meets in a small group format to support the emotional needs of grieving parents with therapeutic support in the company of others who truly understand.  During therapy, you may: learn about complicated grief and how its treated.

Our coping with the loss of a child support group is FREE and meets every last Thursday of the month group starting Thursday 25th January 24, 4pm till 5pm, thereafter the last Thursday of the month.  At Beyond Blue, 19a Spring Head, Wednesbury WS10 9AD.


School for Social Enterpreners

Starting October 22 Breakthru CIC benefitted from participating in the School for Social Enterpreners. The school provided a wealth of workshops and one to one sessions presented by more established enterprises.  The course equipped us to start, scale, and strrengthen our social enterprises, helping us to make a positive difference.

Breakthru’s staff member becomes a Mentor for new Entrepreneurs at the School for Social Entrepreneurs, starting October 2023.


Beyond Blue are supporting the Youth Offending Service (YOS)

Breakthru’s Beyond Blue Counselling Services has been awarded a contract for the Youth Offending Service, supporting their youths across Sandwell


Severe Mental Illness support

Sandwell residents who arę or have family / friends with SMI can get help with their welfare rights, housing and free counselling sessions thanks to the Black Country Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust funding.

Breakthru’s Beyond Blue is currently co-designing a pilot project with Sandwell Consortium and Communities in Sync to offer support to people with SMI.  Recognising that many people with severe mental illness don’t get the benefits or support they’re entitled to.

We’re here to help

If you are a Sandwell resident [who has been diagnosed] with any of the following conditions: schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, psychosis, or severe depression; or you are a carer for someone with one of these conditions.

We can offer free advice and support with:

  • welfare benefits
  • help with budgeting
  • energy advice
  • disability benefits
  • welfare grants
  • debt advice and referral for specialist debt support.


We offer this at three locations in West Bromwich:

  • CBO, Greets Green Resource Centre, Harwood St, B70 9JF

Tel: 0121 500 5441 Option 1; or email

Advice in West Bromwich is available in English, Bengali, Panjabi, and Hindi.


In Wednesbury, we provide this support at:

  • Breakthru, Wednesbury Tel: 0121 269 5990 or via the website

We can also help you to find other support services and wellbeing activities.

All advice is CONFIDENTIAL and we will give you a warm welcome.


Cruse Bereavement Support

Beyond Blue Counselling Service in Wednesbury becomes an outpost for Cruse.

This means that any Cruse clients from Wednesbury and the surrounding areas will receive Bereavement Support at our Wednesbury Shop.


Members of the NCPS – National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society.

Our counsellors are members of the NCPS.  This means that all our Counsellors and Psychotherapists adhere to the NCPS code of ethics for professional counsellors.


Sound proof rooms at our Wednesbury shop 

Funding has recently been awarded Beyond Blue thanks to the Heart of England, Awards for All, The Clothworkers Foundation and SEBF, to create two state-of-the-art acoustic rooms.  Enabling us to provide a confidential, professional environment for all our clients.

The rooms are set to be completed March 2024.  Once built we plan to organise an open day to showcase the rooms.

The state-of-the-art rooms along with our new workshop area will be available to hire in March 2024 for more information call 0121 269 5990


Beyond Learning

Improving the education, social skills, and mental health of children and adults with or without educational needs.

Beyond Learning looks at more than just learning, we look at you as a person and what you need.

Together we can help you to reach your goals whether they be academic, social, or emotional.  We can do this by:

  • Providing support with education
  • SEND specialist tutoring
  • Tailored tutoring 1-1
  • Counselling and psychotherapy
  • Life, and social skills support
  • Providing employability courses
  • Giving you a safe place to be you and grow

Working together to provide you with tailored, specialised support specifically for you.  With our help, you can be the best version of you.  You will be able to access support from a wide range of tutors, counsellors and psychotherapists, and support workers that all have a person-centred approach.


ESOL classes

FREE Entry Level 1 ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). Every Tuesday for Sandwell residents age 18+ storting 13th February through to 18th July 10:30 till 1:30 at Beyond Blue Wednesbury.  Contact Lydia 0735 807032/ 0121 269 5990 for more information or to book you place.(places are limited).